Transportation Services
Quick Facts
Director of Transportation Dan Schultz
Transportation Secretary Kris Thomas
Phone 515-967-3793
Fax 515-967-3794
Iowa Pupil Transportation Association
National Weather Service
Non-Public Transportion Aid PDF
Ridership Laws
Stop Arm Laws
Trust the Bus Challenge
Bus Rules (posted on every bus)
  1. The bus driver is in charge.
  2. Stay properly seated.
  3. Do not throw objects of any kind.
  4. Nothing should be put or thrown outside the windows.
  5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  6. No eating or drinking.
  7. Follow the rules of conduct.
  8. Treat others how you want to be treated.

District to accept vehicle bids.

Fee-Based Transportation Program

Southeast Polk Community School District provides transportation services as required by state law. Students living outside of the 2-mile radius for grades K-8 and outside the 3-mile radius for grades 9-12 are provided with service.

Fee-based transportation services are provided to students in the district -

Service Area Maps

2012-13 Registration Information Form - to be completed by each student

Transportation Committee Presentation

Fee-Based Transportation Plan


Student Conduct on School Transportation Policy 712.2

Student Conduct on School Transportation Regulation 712-2R1